About Our Governing Body

About the Governing Body - South Gosforth First School

Hello and welcome to this brief introduction to the governors of South Gosforth First School. We hope that the following information explains a little of who we are and what we do.

Who are we?

South Gosforth First School has 12 governors.  We are from a range of backgrounds within the local community including parents, staff and representatives of Newcastle’s Local Authority.

How are we selected?

Parent governors are elected by parents/carers and they serve 4 years terms.  When a vacancy for a parent governor post arises the school seeks nominations, elections are held if more than one nomination for the post is received. Staff governors are elected internally by other staff. Co-opted governors are members of the local community who are elected by governors. Local Authority governors are chosen by the LA in conjunction with the school.

What do we do?

School governors’ statutory responsibilities are identified in the 2002 Education Act. 

In summary, school governors work closely with the head teacher to make key decisions vital to the successful running of the school.  The governors help set a strategic vision for the school and determine its aims, policies and priorities.  They monitor and evaluate the work of the school, playing an important role in improving standards throughout the school. They also work on the school's budget and in ensuring accountability.


The Governors work collectively, not individually, and they have a strategic role in the school.  Day to day management of the school is the responsibility of the Headteacher.

Structure of the Governing Body and Committees

The Full Governing Body is made up of 12 governors and is supported by the local authority governor services. It meets every half term and receives reports from the Headteacher, from governor services, from each of the sub committees and on general topics of importance or action. Certain issues can only be approved at the Full Governing Body meetings.

The Full Governing Body is supported by a number of sub committees:

Finance and Premises: this deals with the financial management of the school and oversees premises issues. It meets every half term.

Staffing: meets every half term and provides strategic support on issues relating to performance and appraisal of the full staff team, recruitment and pay.

Curriculum: meets every half term and oversees the quality and standards of teaching within school. This includes the analysis of pupil progress, testing and performance data.

Admissions: this group provides support on an ad hoc basis whenever there are admissions decisions to be made.

How can we be contacted?

Governors are always willing and happy to be approached by parents to discuss relevant issues and can be contacted through the school office. Normally a few of us are in the school yard each day dropping off or picking up our children. Parents can also to arrange to meet with a governor at the twice yearly parents/teacher evenings. We also have introduced monthly parent drop in sessions which aims to bring together parents, teaching staff and governors to discuss key issues for school. The dates for these are on the school calendar.

Whilst governors are happy to chat some aspects or the role are confidential and therefore may limit what we can discuss.

If you have a specific concern about the school or your child governors will normally initially advise that this should be discussed with the class teacher. If the issue is unresolved then the Headteacher Mrs Elliott should be approached.