Spring Term 2018

On this page you can find out about some of the fantastic things we have been doing in the Spring Term.
March 2018
They saw the world, explored the world and sailed the ocean blue.......
Our Class Assembly
Thank you for coming to watch our assembly all about our Explorer topic.  We hope you had as much fun watching it as we did performing it.  We all said our lines perfectly and confidently and our singing was so good we were asked to do an encore.  Mrs Logan had a tear in her eye as she was so proud of all our brilliant brave speaking and singing (and not because she was still singing the explorer song in her head constantly!)
Thank you for all your support with costumes and for coming to see the show!
March 2018
Meet the Class of the Week!
We were very proud to have been awarded Class of the Week this week for all our hard work and enthusiasm for our learning.  Our extra friend Flopsy the bunny was here to celebrate with us.  She has been helping us to earn special eggs to hang our class tree which will earn us an egg-stra special Easter Golden Time!
28th March 2018
Our flags have REALLY gone to Antarctica!
After learning about explorers who visited Antarctica, we were keen to find out more about this amazing place.  We were surprised to discover it is the only continent that does not have its own flag.
We had a go at creating our own flags for Antarctica.  We then joined up with some real life explorers who would take 5 of our flags to Antarctica and leave them there for future explorers to find!
Have a look at the flags that went with the explorer and where they are located.  If you ever find yourself passing by Antarctica, be sure to call in to see our flags in real life!
March 2018
You can find magic wherever you look, sit back and relax, all you need is a book!
After all of the excitement of the snow days, we were very pleased that we finally got the chance to wear our World Book Day costumes - and they were well worth the wait.  We enjoyed doing special world book day activities and sharing our favourite books with our friends.
See which famous characters you can spot in our class!
March 2018
Ground control to Year 1L ......
After 2 weeks of gruelling challenges including moon biscuit making, 'rocket fuel' measuring, taking part in the 'Mission X - Train like an astronaut challenge' and designing a new moon rover (to name but a few!), we finally had our confirmation that our mission booklets were complete and we had passed Space School 2018!
We had a lovely graduation ceremony in class and talked about our favourite memories from the missions.
9th- 18th March 2018
World Science Week 2018
We had a fantastic time carrying out lots of investigations and thinking like scientists during World Science Week.  For one of our investigations we had to try and build a tower using only lollipop sticks and pegs and had no help whatsoever!  It was a tricky task but we rose to it and made some great towers.
Another challenge saw us making an airplane out of only paper and straw.  We had lots of fun testing different designs and learning about why certain designs would make the plane travel further.  Obviously we did not then want to fold up every piece of paper in class to make more paper planes!