1L Class Blog

Hello and welcome to our brand new class blog!
On this page, we will be posting pictures and news from some of the exciting things that we have been doing in class. 
We hope you enjoy reading it!
     Mrs Logan, Miss Corbett and all the children of 1L (and Billy the class bear!)
13th December 2017
Day at the Museum
Today we had a day at the 'Discovery Museum' as part of our 'Toy Stories' topic.  
We had fun playing on the games that were part of 'The Hoppings' fairground over 50 years ago.  We had to change our modern money for giant old 1p coins to put in the machines.  It was good to see how different the games were and we had great fun, especially watching 'Pepe the clown' sing and hooking a duck for a prize.
We took part in a Toys workshop and learned about toys from the past.  We held a doll that was over 100 years old and played with one of the original trolls toys (Mrs Logan couldn't believe that it was nearly 30 years old!) We also learned about Christmas through history and got to make our own victorian cornet to take away.
7th December 2017
It's a Baby - Year 1 Nativity Show
This week we have all been star performers in our Christmas Nativity and are very proud of ourselves.  We sang and danced through 3 performances like seasoned professionals.  We remembered all of our lines and where we needed to be on the stage and greatly impressed everyone watching.
Our teachers are immensly proud of us!
A huge well done to our amazing angels, our clear and confident narrators, our wonderful Mary and Joseph, our sparkly star, our brilliant party guests, our fabulous dancing animals, our great wise men and their camels, our spectacular shepherds, our talented choir and our super inkeepers.
The only problem we have is that we've set the bar so high for our next performance!
Thank you so much to everyone who came to see the show and for all of your help with costumes and helping the children to remember their lines.
December 2017
Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!
Today everything came to a dramatic halt in 1L as we looked out of our window to see the snow falling.  Obviously we had to go outside straight away and investigate it!
While we were there we had great fun making the most popular 3D snow shape - a sphere snowball!
27th November 2017
We can build it..... in 3D
This week we have been learning all about 3D shapes.  We have had great fun exploring these shapes by making some out of playdoh and making amazing 3d shape towers and castles with building blocks.  We even made 3d shapes with marshmallows and cocktail sticks to begin to learn about edges and corners.  No marshmallows were harmed during the making of the shapes (although several may have been licked!).
17th November 2017
Keep on running.... for Children in Need
Today we were set the huge challenge of running a mile in order to raise money for Children in Need.  We are very proud to say that we did it! We even squeezed in an extra lap of the school field as we were feeling so energetic!
Thank you to everyone who brought in sponsorship money for our event, we are pleased to know that we have helped children who need it.
10th November 2017
Toy Stories: Back in time!
This afternoon we had great fun looking at toys from when our parents were younger.  We started off with a complete Rubik's cube which we mixed up and tried to get it back to the way it was.  We thought this would be easy peasy!  At the end of the afternoon it was still mixed up.  Hopefully we can get it back to the way it was before Christmas!
We also had great fun comparing new and original Care Bears and discovered the originals had a little lock of hair which the new ones don't have.  We played with Polly Pocket's undersea world and enjoyed trying to beat 'Simon' by following his music and lights patterns.
Thank you for sharing your toy memories with the children, we had a wonderful discussion about all of the different toys and enjoyed finding pictures and more out about them.
31st October 2017
If there's something strange, in your neighbourhood........
Oh dear, the children from 1L did not return after the October half term.  Instead we had a spooky group of witches, monsters and other characters!  Luckily, this new group were spook-tacular at baking, so we got to enjoy some delicious school-made biscuits after a day of busy Halloween activities!