Autumn 2018

Hello and welcome to our class blog!
On this page, we will be posting pictures and news from some of the exciting things that we have been doing in class. 
We hope you enjoy reading it!
Dec 2018
Christmas is for yooo-oooo!
Thank you so much for coming to see our Christmas show and for your help with the costumes.  
We think you'll agree that we sang fantastically and performed the actions very well.
We're now looking forward to having some relaxing time making some christmas crafts - if only we could stop singing random lines from the songs (or that might just be Mrs.Logan!)
16th November 2018
Children in Need
We came into school today dressed in our brightest clothes to support 'Children in Need' and had a great day carrying out lots of Pudsey related activities!
We made our own Pusdey biscuits, which looked so delicious that it was a struggle not to eat them until hometime! 
We also all worked together to make a class Pudsey collage, which we have proudly put up on our wall.
Thank you for all of your donations to this worthwhile cause.
7th November 2018
This week we have been learning more about the Diwali celebrations and the festival of lights.
We moulded our own Diwali light holders out of clay.  Once they had dried we painted them and added some sparkles with glitter and sequins.  We were so proud of them and couldn't wait to take them home and put them on display!
22nd October 2018
One man's trash is another man's treasure .....
Today we had great fun creating our own natural pieces of art inspired by Andy Golsdworthy.  As it was so windy outside, we brought the outside into the classroom (which did not create a very messy classroom whatsoever!).  We used conkers, leaves, pine cones and anything else we could find to create images.
We found the best thing was changing our mind, clearing the canvas and starting again whenever we wanted to and this meant that we created lots of fabulous pictures.
Take a look at our artwork below- what do you see?
14th October 2018
The Great Year 1 Bake Off
Today there was the lovely scent of baking in the air as we made apple crumble as part of our great autumn taste test.  We had to measure out all of the ingredients we needed and made 2 delicious crumbles - one to eat today and one for us to take home and share with our families.  
What did we decide the best thing about making apple crumble was?  The eating it of course!  We hope you enjoyed sharing the crumble we took home.
10th October 2018
Do you speak Flurbian?    We do!
Today we had another surprise.  Our alien friend Flurb had left us a gift.  Only it was in pieces and we couldn't work out what it was.  We found some instructions but they were in Flurb's own language!  We had a fantastic discussion about what the present could be and came up with some great ideas.  Then we found an extra letter in the bottom of the box.... it was the code to work out Flurb's language.
After lots of super code breaking work, we found out we were right, it was a weather station, and we have set it up in the nature garden and are going to report back to Flurb about what we find out.  Maybe even in his own language!
5th October 2018
Autumn - season of mists and mellow fruitfulness....and playing with leaves!
Today we went outside to look at how the school grounds were changing now that it is Autumn.  We enjoyed looking for a perfect autumn leaf to help us write an autumn poem.  Then we had great fun playing with the leaves, who could resist!
September 2018
After all of the excitement of Flurb's arrival, it has been nice to take things easier with a spot of calming Yoga.
Although this week we were acting out a story where we were hunting pirate treasure and had to walk through quicksand to find the jewels, so maybe it was not as peaceful as we expected!  
September 2018
Have you seen Flurb?
We have been very excited this week to find out that we have had a friendly alien visitor who left us a message in the playground (covered in slime!).  He wants to find out all about the weather on our planet to see if it is a good place for him to live as he thinks his planet is too hot!
We are looking forward to sharing our knowledge with him and hope he comes to stay!