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Thank you!
My final blog post for 2F must be to say thank you for all of the kind and thoughtful gifts, cards and messages received at the end of term.  We hope you all have a wonderful Summer Holiday and looking forward to hearing all about it in September.  Happy Holidays everyone! - Mrs. Fields and Mrs. Overton.
Brilliant Bridges
To coincide with the Great Exhibition of the North each class were asked to create a piece of artwork which represented the North East.  As someone not originally from the North East coming over the River Tyne on the train and seeing the bridges always makes me think I'm back in the North East.  The children chose to represent either Tyne Bridge, Swing Bridge or Millennium Bridge as a silhouette.  I think they have done the North East proud - what do you think?
The Alnwick Garden
Many thanks to Mrs. Bradbury, Mrs. Parkin, Mrs. Mahlaba, Mrs. Best and Mrs. Simmons for all of their help on the visit today.  The sun shone, the bees buzzed and the children got a little muddy but ultimately we all had a wonderful time.  I am sure your children will tell you lots more about it!
Happy Father's Day
Happy Father's Day to all of the dads, granddads and male carers who will be celebrated today.  2F made sports shirt cards this year and took great care to add all of the details on the front of the shirt as well as writing their own special message on the back.  I hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating with your children!
Daft as a Brush
To support the brilliant local charity Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care who provide free transport to and from hospital for patients in our region undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy cancer treatment Mrs. Elliott decided to challenge the school to stick her to the wall.  The children and their families donated money to buy a piece of masking tape to attach her to the wall.  After each child had attached their masking tape Mrs. Fields' gathered everyone in the Hall and after a countdown removed the step Mrs. Elliott had been standing on with the help of Mrs. Dixon.  To everyone's relief Mrs. Elliott stuck perfectly to the wall.  With scissors and a lot of pulling the staff managed to unstick her from the wall so that she could continue her day.  Well done Mrs. Elliott for your brilliant fundraising idea and a huge thank you to all who donated to make this event a great success for the school and an even bigger success for the charity.
Our final gymnastics session with Miss Tyler involved each group combining everything they had learned this half term into a routine.  The routine needed these components:
1. Starting Shape
2. Balance
3. Jump
4. Roll
5. Final Shape.  
Shapes included pick, tuck and straddle.  Balances needed to be on a different number of points.  Jumps involved tucks, star jumps and cat leaps and rolls covered forwards, side rolls and teddy bear rolls.  Putting all of these elements together the children showed everything they had learned, but importantly also showed how well they could work together to create their routines.  Fantastic gymnastics 2F!
Sunshine And Treats (SATs)
The children have worked extra specially hard this week and so Mrs. Fields, Mrs. Overton, Mrs. Renwick and Mrs. Topel thought they should have a little treat to end the week.  We are all so proud of you Year 2 and you definitely deserved the ice lollies and extra playtime for completing all of those extra little jobs this week!
Dear Diary...
The children this week have been writing a diary entry as the boy from 'The Present' (2014) short film.  For those who have not seen the film it tells the story of a boy who is playing a video game, but is surprised when his mother arrives with a box, saying it contains a present for him.  The boy opens the box, revealing an energetic puppy. The boy's delight turns to disdain as he sees the puppy is missing most of its left front leg. Disgusted, he kicks the puppy away and continues his game. Unperturbed, the puppy finds a red rubber ball under a cabinet and brings it to the boy, inviting him to play. The boy does his best to ignore the little dog but is soon won over by its determination and spirit, in spite of himself.  I won't spoil the ending, but it involved lots of discussion work about why the boy behaved in the way he did towards the dog initially. 
The children have all done some brilliant diary writing and have really considered the changing emotions of the boy throughout the film.  Maybe you could encourage your own child to begin a diary as it is a great way for children to process their thoughts and express their feelings?  Tom Gates and Diary of a Wimpy Kid are brilliant models to show that diaries can express your thoughts in a variety of ways including writing, drawing and doodles - all you need is a place to begin.
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Rolling, Rolling, Rolling...
Year 2 have been receiving coaching in Gymnastics from Miss Tyler this half-term and today they learned how to do a forward roll safely.  The children also came up with some great rolls using the pike, tuck and straddle positions they have learned in previous sessions and also created some inventive rolls of their own.  Miss Tyler was impressed not only by their effort but also by their willingness to work with a variety of partners and to support each other.  Great work 2F!
Book Owl
Each class in the school were asked to design an owl to go into the school hall alongside our wonderful class trees. We were given an MDF cut-out shape to use by Mr. Woodley.  There were lots of great ideas of what our theme could be including an emoji owl, a fairy tale owl, a football owl and a space owl.  As Mrs. Fields loves reading so much we decided to create a book owl using pages from broken books or books which had lost pages.  We worked collaboratively to cover the MDF shape in pieces of page completely and then cut out feather shapes and created the features of the owl using coloured pages from picture books which had become torn or damaged.  Look out for our book owl alongside all of his friends on the wall next time you visit our school hall for an assembly or special event.
Cheerful Chicks
Our chicks were a little late hatching this year and were not completed until after the Easter break, but I think they were certainly worth the wait.  The children wrote instructions on how to create a pom pom and then followed them carefully.  They then wrote the final steps to turn their yellow pom pom into a chick.  The children worked really well to wind their wool around and around without getting into a tangle.  Well done everyone and I hope you have found a safe home for your cute little creation.
Happy Easter from 2F
The children have been learning how to weave paper to create these wonderful Easter cards to wish their families a very happy Easter.  From everyone in 2F I hope you have a wonderful Easter break and maybe enjoy a few chocolate eggs too!
Sport Relief
Sport Relief 2018 is all about whatever moves you and gets you moving.  The children have all taken part in 2 activities to support this aim and to raise money for this great charity which helps people living incredibly tough lives, both at home in the UK and across the world's poorest countries.  On Thursday afternoon they completed circuits set up by the Lee Sterry team and went into the lead at the end of the day with a magnificent 262 points.  However, the children had an anxious wait on Friday to see if the other classes would beat their score.  On Friday morning they took part in  a very active Zumba session.  Many thanks for all of your donations.  I think the rosy cheeks and smiles suggest that we all had fun while keeping active and supporting the aims of Sport Relief 2018!
Class Assembly
Well done to 2F and Mrs. Whitehouse for the Class Assembly today for the school and invited family and friends.  With a last minute reminder from Mrs. Elliott about using their loud voices the children showed what they had learned in their 'Living Things and their Habitats' and 'Animals including Humans' Science topics this year.  They demonstrated MRS GREN, habitats and food chains beautifully as well as giving some great facts about living things.
British Science Week
9th-18th March 2018 is Science Week and all schools in the Gosforth Trust have taken part in STEM activities to celebrate this.  At South Gosforth First school all children were given an individual and a group challenge to complete. 
For the individual challenge children had to create their own ring glider using strips of paper and straws.  The children experimented with the size of the rings and the length of the straw to create the best possible glider which they loved gliding across the classroom. 
For the group challenge children were given wooden pegs and lollipop sticks and asked to work collaboratively to create the tallest tower that they could.  They worked well in their teams thinking of new ideas together and trying these out.  Despite a few disappointments as they came crashing down the children worked hard to think about how to make their towers stable enough to build upwards from and lots of different designs were seen across the classroom.
World Book Day
Good Morning Harry Potter, Good Morning Matilda, Good Morning Paddington Bear,  Good Morning Willy Wonka,  Good Morning Biscuit Billionaire, Good Morning Alice in Wonderland, Good Morning Little Red Riding Hood ... A register like this can mean only one thing - South Gosforth First Schools postponed World Book Day has arrived.  The children all looked great in their costumes and Mrs. Fields, Mrs. Overton and Miss Anwar joined in the fun dressing as red, black and purple crayons respectively as all of the activities in 2F today were based around the brilliant book 'The Day the Crayons Quit' by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers. 
Don't forget to exchange your World Book Day token for one of ten free World Book Day books or £1 off any book priced over £2.99 before it runs out on Sunday 25th March 2018.
Smarties Statistics
Each group were given a tube of Smarties in Maths today and asked to find out which colours were the least frequent and the most frequent.  The children first tipped the Smarties out one at a time to create a tally chart and then used the Smarties to show their findings in a bar chart.  Finally, the Smarties were shared out equally with the remainders being donated to Mrs. Elliott to make it fair. 
Great statistics 2F for which you received your chocolate reward!
World Thinking Day
To celebrate World Thinking Day on 22nd February the children were allowed to come to school in their Rainbow or Brownie uniforms.  It is held on this date as it is the joint birthday of Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the Scout and Guide Movement, and his wife Olave, who served as World Chief Guide.  It is a day for all Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Girl Scouts to think of each other and to celebrate being part of these groups all around the world.
Amazing Authors
"I've always wanted to be a real author" was how Mrs. Fields was greeted when explaining to 2F we would be writing our own mixed up fairy tales.  So, after lots of hard work each child wrote their own mixed up fairy tale and then turned them into a book with a title, a front cover and beautiful illustrations.  The best part came though on the afternoon of the last Friday of half-term when we got to share them with the children in R1 and R2.  "If I read with 2 children I'll be famous" was what met Mrs. Fields.  What a proud teacher you made her 2F, you are all amazing authors and maybe one day you will indeed be famous writers or illustrators!
Mixed Up Fairy Tale Fun
As part of our work on Traditional Tales 2F have enjoyed reading 'Mixed Up Fairy Tales' by Hilary Robinson.  This week the children had the chance to create their own by folding the paper at each step and swapping it with someone else in the class before finally revealing the consequences.  This created some hilarious results and the children now can't wait to write their own full version of a mixed-up fairy tale next week.
Road Safety
The class were visited this week by Road Safety Officers who reminded them about the Green Cross Code, safe places to cross the road, wearing bright clothing in the winter months and the use of a car seat or booster seat with a seat belt when travelling by car.  The children listened carefully and were rewarded with a very bright luminous yellow sticker and a word search to complete at home.  
"He's Behind You"
The school enjoyed Robin Hood this week performed by M & M Productions.  The children clapped and cheered along to this brilliant pantomime which was a great way to start out Traditional Tales unit of work.  When writing a review of the play one child in 2F wrote "it was just perfect for me" and many gave it 5 stars out of 5.  A highlight for most though was the addition of 2 additional performers - Mrs. Overton and Mr. Crown - who took part in an energetic dance routine alongside the cast!
Many thanks to the PTA who contributed towards the cost of having M & M Productions in school, it was thoroughly enjoyed by staff and children alike.
Happy New Year!
Wishing you all a very happy 2018 from Mrs. Fields, Mrs. Overton and everyone here at school!  The children have been working hard to create these colourful calendars which I am sure will look fabulous hanging on your walls this year.  We have loved finding out facts about blue whales and helping Billy Twitters to care for one by creating an information booklet to send to him.  We now know that blue whales are 30m long, females are bigger than the males and that they make a long humming noise to communicate - David Attenborough watch out we have some new experts to present Blue Planet!
Party Time!
"It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas".  Year 2 enjoyed their Christmas party today with party food, games of musical statues, pass the parcel, heads - knees - tails, Christmas corners and prizes for the best dancer.  Party clothes and party food were also essential to this afternoons fun.
Thank you for our lovely new Maths resources
Thanks to the generosity of the parents, carers and families of Year 2 we were able to purchase lots of new Maths resources to support and enrich the teaching of Maths in Year 2.  2F were very excited to open the boxes and check out all of the new things.  We are still waiting for the last few resources to arrive but can't wait to use them in our Maths lessons in 2018. Thank you on behalf of the children and staff to everyone who attended the Year 2 Coffee Morning and donated to help us buy them.  Hopefully you will see them being used on the blog early next year.
Christmas Jumper Day
Nothing says Christmas like a Christmas jumper and it was wonderful to see all of 2F and all of the staff in school in their Christmas jumpers and tops to help raise money for Save the Children.  For some a jumper wasn't enough and we were also treated to flashing lights and music.  Mrs. Fields was very jealous of one particular jumper with mermaid sequins where you could change the motif, but apparently they don't do them in big sizes which made her very sad.  Many thanks to everyone who sent in a donation for this brilliant charity.
It's Show Time!
Year 2 this week have performed their Christmas Production 'Angel Express' to 3 different audiences.  Firstly on Monday morning they bravely performed in front of the rest of the school and then they performed to their invited family and friends on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning.  They received two well deserved standing ovations and on Tuesday afternoon they also got '3 cheers'!  Many thanks to all those who attended, everyone who helped by providing costumes and of course to the children for spreading a little Christmas Cheer with their beautiful singing voices and their loud speaking voices on stage.  You were all amazing and made Mrs. Fields and Mrs. Overton very proud!
School Council Elections
2F elected their new School Council Representatives today after lots of careful consideration on what makes a brilliant School Councillor.  Ideas included:
- have great ideas
- be a good listener
- be very sensible
- be good at sharing information
- be amazing
- be happy
- be nice
- be good at remembering
- be good at writing
- be ready
- put your hand up and be brave
- be cheerful
- be honest
- be kind
- be happy with everyone there
- be helpful
- be independent
- speak clearly
- listen to grown-ups and children
- be a good friend
- be enthusiastic
- take turns
- be patient
- remember your ideas and other peoples ideas
- be sensible inside and outside school.
With a job description like that I think Alan Sugar would be proud!  However, we did manage to fill the role and I am delighted to announce that we have 2 new School Council Representatives (Maisie G and Noah) and 2 Reserves if they are not available (Adam and Lucy) who will support Mrs. Elliott in making South Gosforth First School the best school it can possibly be.
Children in Need
To help raise money for Children in Need the whole school decided to run or walk laps of the field in a combined effort to cover the distance from Newcastle to London.  We all set out with the aim of doing a mile or 8 laps of the field, some of us did less and some of us did more but we all had great fun raising money for this really worthwhile cause.  A massive 343 laps were completed by 2F, well done to all involved!
We decided to theme all of our activities around Children in Need on Friday and despite our run we still had lots of energy left to complete them.  Our first activity involved seeing how many words we could make from 'Children in Need', with the help of 2F Mrs. Fields had 69 words on her list.  How many can you think of? 
Our next activity involved creating our own spotty money box from a net.  We learned about the properties of a cube and how important it is to cut out the net carefully and to fold along each line accurately before gluing the tabs.
Welcome to our 2F Class Blog 2017-2018
It has been a busy start to the year and it was great to see so many families attend our Year 2 Coffee Morning on Friday.  We decided to try a new format and allow the children to design and run their own stalls using a token system.  The children were so excited to reveal their stalls to their families and to take on the responsibility of manning them.  Thank you so much to everyone who made it a success by giving donations of sweets, chocolates, soft toys or cakes, to all those who came along and to everyone who purchased tokens.  We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we raised £274.16 which will be used to purchase Maths resources to be used in the Year 2 classrooms to support and enhance learning.
Welcome to our 2F Class Blog 2016-2017
We've been doing lots of things lately that we've enjoyed and thought you may enjoy reading about them as much as we've loved doing them.
We've even made a little video to welcome you to our first ever entry on the class blog.
From Mrs. Fields, Mrs. Overton and all of the children in 2F.
World Book Day Fun
To celebrate World Book Day we dressed up as some of our favourite book characters.  Can you guess who we all are?
We did lots of fun activities around the book 'The Cat in the Hat' by Dr. Seuss including writing our own rhyming poems about reading and learning how to draw the Cat in the Hat.  Mrs. Fields dressed up as the Cat in the Hat and Mrs. Overton was Thing 1 and Thing 2. 
Marshmallow Towers
One of our favourite group challenges this week was to work together to build a tower from marshmallows and sticks.  The tower had to be bigger than a cup, be able to stand on its own and be able to hold the weight of a book.  It was trickier than it looked but everyone showed great perseverance, which made the adults really proud!
Where the Wild Things Are
Today Amanda from 'West End in Schools' came in to do a Dance Workshop with us.  Through dance we retold the story of 'Where the Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak.  We hope you enjoy our final performance.
Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
We're not!  We hope you enjoyed our Class Assembly today all about the true story of the Big Good Wolf.  Don't worry if you missed it, Mrs. Thomas kindly filmed it on one of our iPads while we were busy performing for the school so you can enjoy it too!
British Science Week
The theme for this year's British Science Week is 'Change', encouraging young people to think about and investigate the changes happening in the world all around us.  We had great fun this week being scientists.  
First we created a rocket using an empty film canister, vinegar, tissue and bicarbonate of soda.  The first two only created a disappointing fizz, but with some scientific changes the third one blasted off to great shrieks of delight!
We then went on to the field and split into relay teams of 3 to collect pretend worms (pieces of wool) which were different colours.  We found that the brightly coloured worms were found first and it took some real hunting to collect up all of the brown worms at the end.  This led to some great discussions about the importance of camouflage as part of animal adaptation for survival in different environments.
In the afternoon Mrs. Elliott came to help us create slime which appeared to have both the properties of a liquid and a solid and could be used to protect an egg.
Red Nose Day Fun
Thank you for all of your donations for Red Nose Day.  We dressed up in red and told lots of funny jokes.
Here are a few of our favourites, we hope they make you giggle!
Why can't you give Elsa a balloon?
Because she will let it go.
What's a rabbits favourite music?
Hip hop.
Why could the leopard not play hide and seek?
Because he was always spotted.
What do you call a man with a seagull on his head?
Why do seagulls live near the sea?
Because if they lived near the bay they would be called bagels.
Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1527-1593)
We looked at the work of the famous Italian artist Guiseppe Arcimboldo who makes portrait pictures from fruit, vegetables, fish and even books!  We then had great fun creating our own portraits using pieces of fruit and vegetables before drawing them for our Art books.
Happy Easter!
We have been busy in 2F doing some Easter activities.  We have made Easter cards and in English wrote instructions to create a pom pom.  We then tried out our instructions by winding yellow wool around cardboard rings.  Finally, we turned our fluffy pom poms into these very cute chicks who will be finding a new home over the Easter holidays.
Spectacular Skipping in 2F
Year 2 took part in a Skipping Workshop today to learn how to do a number of individual skipping tricks, partner skipping and long rope skipping activities.  This is in preparation for the Gosforth Skipping Festival in July where a team of children will be chosen to represent South Gosforth First School.  We will be using our P.E. sessions to prepare for this event, but hope the children have great fun rehearsing their new skills in the playground and at home as skipping is a great form of exercise as the Summer arrives.
How to Look after a Giant Millipede
This week one of our class won the opportunity to have a class pet from Zoo Club for their great knowledge and contributions at this new after school club.  Ticklefoot, the giant millipede, will be staying in our classroom all week.  Although we have an instruction booklet, we have decided to find out more about millipedes for ourselves and have written our own instructions on how to look after them to make sure she has the best possible care while living in our classroom. 
Melodious Music
2F have been learning 'Round and Round' by Joanna Margona for the last few weeks with Mrs. McArdle which has sounded beautiful drifting down the corridors in school every Friday.  It is Latin Bossa Nova in style and teaches the children about different dimensions.  Ask the children to recreate it for you at home and you won't be disappointed!
Be Safe with Dogs
Following on from a whole school assembly by the Blue Cross last week Goldie, the Spaniel, came to visit us in the classroom to teach us a little more about dogs.  We found out what to do when you meet a dog and where to touch a dog.  We also learned how to stand like a tree if a dog is chasing you and how to become a hedgehog if you are knocked down by a dog which we were brilliant at!  We found out that happy and healthy dogs are much less likely to be naughty so found out how to care for them properly, including being a responsible dog owner and picking up their poo (luckily it was only pretend this time on the classroom carpet).  Look out in book bags for a leaflet from the Blue Cross with more information for families on how to be safe with dogs.
Daft as a Brush Day
2F was looking very bright and colourful today to help raise funds for a great local charity - Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care.  Daft as a Brush offers staffed custom-made vehicles to transport outpatients, free of charge, to and from Hospital who are undergoing Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy cancer treatment.  Many thanks, on behalf of the charity, to all those who sent in donations.
Adventures in Alnwick Gardens
On Friday Year 2 went on a coach to Alnwick Gardens to begin our Plants topic.  First we went to a Roots and Shoots workshop.  Half of the class went to the polytunnels to rescue some parsley and lemon balm.  The other half of the class went to see the bee hives and the bees at work making honey.  We even got to taste some of the honey they had been making.  Then we swapped over.  Next it was time for lunch.  We had our lunch on the secret swinging seats.  After that we went on a Fairy Tale Adventure Quest to save Beauty by solving the riddles.  We then quickly found our way through the Bamboo Labyrinth without getting lost.  Finally it was time to get back on the coach.  Mrs. Fields gave us all a green rubber wristband which said 'I had an adventure at The Alnwick Garden'.  We all had an amazing time and best of all it didn't rain!  
Many thanks from all in 2F to Mrs. Graham, Mrs. Kurji and Mrs. Griffiths for helping out on the visit.
What do you say to a slow tomato?
I am sorry to say that this joke has made Mrs. Fields and Mrs. Overton giggle all week since we saw it on the materials to help the class grow their own tomato plants.  Our seeds are all planted and can be spotted on the windowsill in the Wet Area.  Keep an eye on them and see if you can spot any seedlings appearing over the next few weeks.
Collage Trees
We curled strips of paper to create these great 3-D trees.  We then carefully added green paper leaves to the branches to complete them.  They will be coming home soon so try to find a space on a wall or fridge to house this great masterpiece.
Bradley Lowery Foundation
Many thanks to all those who wore football shirts and kindly made a donation to the Bradley Lowery Foundation today.  It is with great sadness that today has come about but we hope that the money raised will help other sick children lead the best lives they can.  Children came in a range of football shirts and it was lovely to hear some of the stories behind these - home teams of parents, a holiday destination or the very popular Newcastle United.  Mrs. Fields was definitely the only one in school sporting a Lincoln City shirt, but in the year they made it to the  Quarter Finals of the F.A. Cup some people may have even heard of Lincoln!
Thank you from Mrs. Fields & Mrs. Overton
Thank you to the class of 2016-2017.  You have given us some great memories and it has been a pleasure getting to know each of you and your families.  Wishing you all the best as you move into Year 3 and we hope to hear all about your continued successes and achievements.