3I Autumn 2018

Welcome to 3I's class blog.
We hope you will find lots of interesting things here throughout the year that you can share with your family.
Mrs Ingram & Mrs Salter
December 2018 - Super Sewers!
Our D&T project this half term was to sew Christmas decorations.  We went all the way through from studying other decorations, to making patterns, practising stitches to making and reviewing our own products.
You can see how successful we were!
A BIG THANK YOU to all the parents and grandparents who came in to help - it wouldn't have happened without all your dedicated support.
26.09.18 Educational visit to the Great North Museum - Hancock - Ice Age to Stone Age gallery
We had an amazing time exploring the gallery through "Suitcase Activities" run by the parents and finding things and answering questions in the workbooks with the support of the parents.  Everyone obeyed my "whistle-blowing" timetable, and I want to send an enormous thank you to all those parent helpers. 
This was a great opportunity to see real artefacts rather than just photographs.  
13.09.18 Our first Lee Sterry ball skills session.
It's hard to run and sit attached to someone else!
It's also hard to balance on a spot and throw a ball to a friend without it bouncing...
12.0918 We are using lots of different maths apparatus in practical activities to help us really understand place value for HTO (the O stands for ones y the way)
6.09.18 In our first week we did some team building activities including making bridges.
We worked in topic table teams. We could only use scrap paper and masking tape.  Our bridge had to be at least 15cm away from the desk and stretch width-ways from one side to the other.
You can see our progress and the end results.  It was great fun.