3I Class Blog 2017/18

Sorry, no photos but thought you might like to know our class ran 27 miles today between us. (I managed 1/8th of a mile!)  Such fit children!
Mrs ingram
Autumn 2
We had an "Old Testament Stories" afternoon.
We worked in teams to 
  • write a retell
  • make a fact file
  • create illustrations
  • and present our work to the rest of the class
It was hard to do this in a time frame, but it helped once we had a plan and all knew what our roles were.
Autumn 2
This half term, Lee Sterry and his team are doing Circuit Training with KS2.  As the children progress they are developing agility, balance, coordination and stamina.  They work really hard in these sessions.  It's exhausting just watching them!
Today was Greek Day!
We did a quiz in the playground
Made islands of Crete using modroc
Made Trojan horses
  ... and hummus
At the end of the day we had a Greek feast.
Educational visit to The Great North Museum, Greek Gallery.
We learnt a lot and also had fun exploring the gallery and in the workshop, as you can see!
Making 3D shapes
We made models of 3D shapes using Geomag, straws and plasticine and card nets.
We found the Geomag was easiest to use and it was easy to count the numbers of edges and vertices when we were investigating the properties of the shapes.
At the start of this year, we worked together in small groups to answer some tricky comprehension questions about Greek Myths.  It was useful to discuss the answers in our groups and as a whole class.