3I Spring and Summer 2019

Today our class was lucky enough to have a cricket training session at South Northumberland Cricket Club.  We did lots of training activities including learning how to bowl and bat.
It was great fun and great exercise!
Today we had our World Science afternoon (a bit late!)
It was all about journeys, but not the sort you might usually think of.
We did invisible journeys - 
  • How far can a sneeze travel?
  • What are we touching every day, microorganisms, some of which can cause disease are everywhere!
  • What are you passing on when you shake hands?
We also thought about the journeys some pollutants make - 
  • Acid in the atmosphere
  • Plastics micro fibres, from fleece to the ocean food chains
It was all very enjoyable and informative.
A BIG thank you to all the parents whose help made this all possible!
1.3.19 Our versions of Hot Food by Michael Rosen
In small groups, we made key changes to Michael's poem, rehearsed our versions, then performed them to the rest of the class.  These are our performances which we gave each other (and ourselves) feedback on.
We hope you enjoy them
28.2.19 Dance
This 1/2 term we are doing dance with Miss Tyler.  Our theme is topic related, around plants and animals.  This week we were being monkeys, golden eagles, lions and snakes. We worked in pairs.  It was great fun! 
Can you work out which animal each photo captures?
Educational visit to Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens
We had a great day, using magnifying glasses and binoculars to help us follow a trail through the Winter Gardens to find out more about Tropical Rainforests.
We also did a workshop where we acted out the layers of the Rainforest then handled some things that grow there.
We finished our visit, exploring other parts of the museum.
Can you tell your family the story of what we did while you look at the photos together?
The Truth About Humpty Dumpty
This was the title of play scripts we wrote last term.  In them we imagined what might have lead to Humpty falling off the wall.  We acted out some of our play scripts for our assembly and also told explained the origins of the nursery rhymes used in our plays.
9.01.19 Gymnastics  Today we were working in pairs to make a short sequence of movements using points and patches balances, including one jump. I was very impressed by the creativity of all the children and here are some examples of their end poses.