4W Class Blog 2017-18

4W hit the streets!
Road Safety Training
We recently had a visit from Newcastle's  Road Safety Team. They called into school to deliver some road safety training to the children.
The children went out into the local area to be reminded about the importance of keeping safe when out and about. The children listened really well and now have a greater awareness of the potential danger when crossing roads.
4W Get Musical!
Our topic this half term includes 'Sound'. We have been looking at how sound is produced in Science, then in Design Technology we tried to use this knowledge to make some musical instruments.
The first type of instrument we made were guitars, using boxes, elastic bands and other pieces of recycled material. We used our knowledge of sound to make the different notes on our guitars and then finally, we decorated them. 
We build our own Greek islands
As part of our topic of Ancient Greece, we have all designed and made our own 3D model of a Greek island. We studied the geographical features of these islands and tried to make our models as life like as possible. We used Modroc to create the islands, them painted them really carefully, blending our colours to create a natural, realistic  effect.
It's Ancient Greek Day!
We had our Ancient Greek Day on Tuesday 17th October. This has been our topic over this half term and we have learnt so much about life in Ancient Greece.
We came dressed up as Ancient Greek characters and we looked amazing. As part of our homework over this half term, we have been inventing and making some brilliant Ancient Greek themed board games. We brought them in on Greek Day and went into the hall to play them with our friends. They were great fun and we learnt a lot about Ancient Greece from making and playing them.
Back in the classroom, we had a go at making Hummus, it was really tasty and there was none of it left at the end of the day. In the afternoon we ate it, along with lots of other Greek foods, including pitta bread, olives, feta cheese, Greek salad, yogurt with honey and grapes. 
We also did an Ancient Greek quiz trail around the play yard, the winning team were Medusa 1, with a great score of 8 out of ten. Well done to everyone, we all did well!
Ancient Greek Fighting Forces Workshop!
On Monday 9th October, we all visited The Great North Hancock Museum to take part in an Ancient Greek Workshop.
The theme of the workshop was Greek Fighting Forces and we learnt all about the weapons, armour and tactics of Ancient Greek soldiers or Hoplites as they are called. 
We got to try some of their weapons and armour and did really well in an Ancient Greek Warfare Quiz.
Afterwards, we all had a chance to explore the Ancient Greek gallery in the museum, where we took part in a range of investigative activities. We also had the chance to explore the rest of this exciting museum.
4W have a Scrumdiddlyumptious Roald Dahl Assembly!
In 4W, we have been looking at the work of one of our favourite authors, Roald Dahl. Then on Thursday 5th October, we held a special class assembly to tell everybody about the life of the famous man himself.
We all dressed up as our favourite Roald Dahl character and we looked amazing! 
We started the assembly with a Roald Dahl Timeline, which let everyone know all about his life. Next we looked at some of Dahl's despicable characters in our Roald Dahl Villain Watch. Then we sang the song 'When I Grow Up' from the musical 'Matilda', we sang beautifully (even if we say so ourselves). 
The next part of the assesmbly was all about Roald Dahl's words of wisdom. We finished the show by introducing ourselves as our favourite Roald Dahl book character.
We had lots of fun and everyone who watched it, enjoyed it. Mr. Woodley gave us a 9.99 out of 10.
Green Eggs and Ham Yoga
We all recently took part in a yoga lesson based on the book 'Green Eggs and Ham' by Dr Seuss.
We did lots of stretches to start with and then made lots of different positions, using various objects. We followed the instructor as she showed us what to do. At the end we all lay down and relaxed as we listened to the story. Everyone really enjoyed the yoga lesson.
At the end we felt calmer, relaxed and more flexible.