First School PTA

South Gosforth First School PTA

South Gosforth is fortunate to have a very caring and supportive community of parents and carers who have the very best interests of all of our children at heart. 
We do have a Parents and Teachers Association and they meet to discuss how best to help raise funds for school in order to support the main school budget and provide much needed support for our children.
During this academic year we have made sure that a member of the school staff team is able to attend meetings so that we can work together. This not only helps in terms of organizing dates, times and arrangements, but also enables teachers to mix with parents and get to know a few more faces.

This year we have been given money to:
Develop the playground (when the rain stops)
Purchase a playground trolley and some small equipment to provide a focus for play
Buy more books for the library
Purchase two metro passes so that travel as part of school visits is supplemented

The PTA relies on the voluntary support of parents to run school discos, fairs, film nights and other enjoyable events. Whilst we all know how difficult it is to give large chunks of time on a regular basis when you have children and work commitments, many parents do find time to get involved and we appreciate all they do.

 If anyone is interested in the PTA please contact the school office.  Emails and messages about forthcoming events are sent through the school’s email service.